TRG Investments LLC (“TRGI”) is a privately owned, Southern California and Texas based full service real estate investment and development company, focused on urban infill multifamily and mixed-use properties, targeting assets in established communities with proven long-term demand drivers.

Our investment strategy is to acquire, entitle, build, and hold for cash flow and appreciation. Our mission is to create differentiated residential, multifamily, and mixed-use developments that provide positive fiscal impacts to neighborhood communities.

TRGI utilizes a holistic development approach, managing the investment process throughout all phases of property acquisition, planning, entitlement, construction, operations and disposition.

TRGI’s primary investment and development activities include acquiring land, processing entitlement approvals and developing, constructing and operating multifamily development projects.

  • Invest in markets with highly educated workforces that thrive in today’s global economy
  • Specifically take advantage of the urbanization trend in emerging urban and suburban nodes with close proximity to transit, employment centers and infrastructure
  • Through investment in these evolving neighborhoods, target mixed-use projects that sustain desirability over time