Identifying value through local market expertise

Local acquisition team on the ground in every market enables TRGI to source deals through strong relationships with top brokers and property owners. TRGI conducts thorough due diligence and analysis when underwriting each prospective deal. Key underwriting themes include maximizing value and mitigating risk on every investment.


Creating value through unlocking additional density or use change

TRGI’s in-house entitlements team and local market consultants work conscientiously with municipalities, community stakeholders, and local organizations to ensure that the interests of the residents and the integrity of neighborhoods are fully considered.


50+ years of combined development experience

TRGI has an in-house fully licensed, bonded general contracting arm with more than 50 years of combined experience in the construction and real estate development industry. Our meticulous approach includes thorough cost and project controls in order to bring every job to a successful completion.

Asset Management

Implement strategic capital and operational programs

TRGI is relentless in identifying and implementing strategic enhancements that increase the cash flow and value of existing assets. Focus areas include activating underutilized spaces with unique programming, upgrading uses to complement the residential component, creating functional unit layouts, and maximizing residents’ use of amenities and common space.